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6 x baby room inspiration with the most beautiful paint colors

The days of painting your baby's room bright pink or bright blue are long gone. Nowadays, anything goes and we love it.

The baby room, the nursery, a room you love

The baby room is a room where you will probably spend a lot of time. You may feed, rock your little one to sleep, and change thousands of diapers there. So you prefer to have a nice interior to look at for hours. In addition, the interior of the nursery can also affect the development of your child. For example, it has an influence on the mood of your baby (and yourself!)

Here are some tips and inspiration to make your baby's room a room you and your family love ❤️

1 Unisex colors

The days when all boys got a blue room and girls got pink are really over. Nowadays, we see more and more that a baby room gets a unisex color. But maybe you don't know the gender of the baby yet and want to choose something that suits everyone. There are enough colors to choose from that are not pronounced boy/girl. Examples are (mustard) yellow, a beige or natural color, white or gray or green.

2 The pink baby room in a new jacket

Even if we no longer see the standard pink color as the best choice, pink is still a frequently chosen color for the baby room. But have you ever looked at a modern pink baby room? Here are some tips for the pink baby room in a new and modern jacket.

3 The not-baby-bleu blue boys nursery

The same applies of course to the boys room! It doesn't have to be standard blue anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't choose a very beautiful modern, pronounced tough boys color.

4 Go for prints and patterns and murals

It takes some time, creativity and courage, but the result is so cool: patterns and prints on the walls of your baby room. You can go for wallpaper or choose to have it painted in a cool pattern. For this you really need to hire a professional, otherwise the result will be more chaotic and busy than modern and chic.

5 Organic/ecological paint or regular paint for your baby room?

As you may know, paint is a fairly chemical good. It's not that you need to worry about the paint that's already on your wall, but it's true that regular paint, especially those based on turpentine, are not very healthy. It is therefore recommended for pregnant women to avoid contact with this paint during pregnancy and always ventilate the room well during painting.

An alternative for your baby room is also organic or ecological paint! This paint is not only much better for you and your baby but is also much better for the environment than regular paint. These paints are also available in many colors and can be easily ordered online.

6 Multicolor

To spice things up, why stick with just one color? Even for those who are indecisive, you don't have to limit yourself to one or two colors. Just look at this:

All of this inspiration and more can be found on my Pinterest page, here!

If you want to have your baby's or child's room painted and you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht or the surrounding area, read about what De Grachtenschilder can do for you or request a quote directly.

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