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Interior paint colour trends 2021

What are my favorite (new) colors to paint the interior with for this year? I have put together a few favorites that I often advise in my color advice or that are often requested. Read on for the most beautiful painting colors for 2021.

1) Navy blue. Inspired by the Naval SW 6244 paint from Sherwin Williams. A beautiful dark blue color that immediately gives a classic and chic look to your interior. In combination with copper or gold it comes out beautifully. Not only beautiful on the walls, but also on furniture and kitchen cabinets. Can't find this specific brand? Look for a paint in dark navy blue.

2) Elephant's Breath - Farrow & Ball. Elephant's Breath from Farrow & Ball. This warm gray color gives a peaceful but atmospheric appearance. Very suitable for different spaces, but I also think it looks beautiful in a hallway or smaller room.

3) Indian Yellow & Hay. The first color, Indian Yellow from Farrow & Ball, was also my favorite last year, but I see more and more people choosing this color this year. Because yellow is not always obvious, but it is so beautiful and warm. We have this color in our living room and have a vintage yellow Hungarian serving cabinet in front of it, which creates a beautiful combination.

The second color HAY is a slightly lighter shade of yellow, for those who find Indian Yellow too strong, or when there is little light in the space. This color has number 37 and is from Farrow and Ball.

Indian Yellow in onze woonkamer met vintage kast


4) Red Earth. This red color keeps surprising! For some it becomes deep red, for others orange and everything in between. But either way, it's a beautiful warm, deep color.

This color is often used for a bedroom or children's room.

5) Brave Ground. This is the Flexa color of the year 2021: a warm and neutral color. Neutral brown tones go beautifully with any interior because they are easy to combine with other colors in your home. In addition, they create a warm atmosphere in the house. The nice thing about a warm brown tone as a basic color instead of white is that it is much easier to make it cozy and atmospheric directly. With white you need a lot more extra's for that.

Here is an example in combination with red/pink shades, you can see that the color looks completely different immediately and really moves with the second color you use in your room.

6) Black. For most people, black in your interior is too strong. But there are few colors that make an interior more chic than black. In combination with gold, it is an irresistible color. Of course, it is not suitable for every room, but in a study, bedroom or living room it can create a very special atmosphere.

7. Soft Pink. Pink is a color that is having a moment again. A soft pink color gives a cozy and warm atmosphere to a room.

8. Olive green. Olive green is a color that goes well with many colors and gives a natural and cozy look to your home.

9. Natural beige. Natural beige is a neutral color that is perfect for a base. It is a color that goes well with many colors and gives a warm atmosphere to your home.

10. Purple. Purple is a color that is not for everyone, but when used correctly it can give a very special touch to your home. In combination with gold it becomes very luxurious.

These are just a few of my favorites, but there are many more beautiful colors to choose from. I always advise to choose a color that you feel good in and that fits in with the style of your home. Good luck with your choice!"

Are you considering giving one of the above colors to your room, but are you still unsure if it suits you? I am happy to advise you with a color consultation. In real life or online, whatever you want.

Request your consultation here!

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