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Decorative moldings in your home?

You cannot have missed it lately on Instagram or Pinterest anymore, a little interior nowadays has decorative moldings on the wall (also called wall moldings). And we think they're beautiful! It looks particularly nice on large surfaces or high spaces

Where do decorative moldings look the best in your interior?

Decorative moldings or wall moldings generally look nice in all rooms of your home. But they are most effective on large wall surfaces or high rooms. This prevents you from creating a shrinking effect in your home. They are most often placed in living rooms, halls, and bedrooms. Here are some examples of interiors with moldings in different rooms with different colors.

How do you create decorative moldings on your wall?

Decorative moldings are relatively easy to make yourself these days. All you need is a saw, a spirit level, something to measure with, and of course the decorative moldings themselves. You can easily buy these online or at a hardware store (such as Karwei or Hornbach). This blog by Interior Junkie has a very good step-by-step overview of how to install them yourself.

Of course, you don't have to get your hands dirty with decorative moldings yourself. There are plenty of professionals who can do it for you. So if you're having your home painted and you would like decorative moldings, Grachtenschilder can also take care of them for you

Can you make decorative moldings after painting?

You can also install decorative moldings on a wall that has already been painted, but make sure there isn't too much time between painting the walls and installing them (no months or years) due to discoloration. Unless you want a different colored molding of course.

It's all possible, but it's best to do everything at once. So installing the decorative moldings followed by painting the whole wall.

Do you want to have decorative moldings made?

Do you also want decorative moldings on your wall? Contact me for a quote.

Also take a look at my Pinterest board for more decorative molding inspiration."

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